2006: Prestige Academy - B-Com in Marketing 

2007: UNISA - B-Com in Marketing 

2007: City Varsity – Part-time course in Copywriting

2007: North Link College – Project Management NQF Level 4

2008 - 2009: Red & Yellow  School of Advertising - Copywriting Diploma


OGILVY CAPE TOWN (2010 - 2011)

I started off in the online department, conceptualising, copy-checking and writing adverts with my team or an art director. Much of the work required the ability to work startling hours with caffeine-embalmed team-members, on client briefs with highly particular needs and tight deadlines. After a few months I moved to the above-the-line creative studio, which required a quick adaption of my writing style and learnt to work closely with an art director.

Brands worked on: Carling Black Label, Volkswagen, NSRI and Cadburys.

SINGH AND SONS (2011 - 2014)

After moving to a smaller agency I worked closely with the creative directors, art directors, and often on my own. My clients required the conceptualisation, writing, and rolling out of more visual ideas, such as window displays. After three years, I had gained major insight into the industry, especially above-the-line work, but felt that I was missing out on developments happening in the online creative field.

Brands worked on: KIA, OBiKWA, Zonnebloem, Bains Whisky, Pongrácz, Knights Whisky, Sportscene, 

Due South, Caltex and Lindt Chocolate.


At the dawn of 2014, I decided to move to the fast-growing agency World Wide Creative. Here I took on the same role as before, but with a more specialised focus on online. I was the only creative and conceptual writer at the agency. Basically, I was involved with every piece of work that left the studio, and got to stretch my legs and write some long copy pieces.

Brands worked on: Maxidor, Hyundai, FutureGrowth, Holiday Club, American Swiss, dotAfrica,
African Bank, Cape Argus and My Independent.


Given the unexpected opportunity, I made the jump to public relations. Irvine Bartlett punches way above its wieght class. The job requires liaising with media, handling client needs, creating content, and delighting both parties with the results. As I’ve had no previous formal training as an account manager, the learning curve was steep to start, but also satisfyingly challenging. I’ve learned to work fast and smart. Being an account manager at Irvine Bartlett means that you are constantly pushing harder to produce better, faster, more compelling editorial work.

Brands worked on: Teljoy, Dreamworld Promotions, The Training Room Online, Protea Hotels, Via Afrika, 

Sea Monster, Thebe Tourism Group and Cape Town Tourism.


I was a full-time freelance writer for a short period, being commissioned to step into various writing roles. After taking on a new role at a small agency for the majority of 2017 I realised that I wanted to blaze my own trail - resigning and leaving in December 2017. 


- Public Relation Account Manager
- Social Media Content Producer
- Studio Copywriter (BTL and ATL)
- Content Writer

ICONIC MEDIA  (2017 – 2018)

In the early part of 2017, I was offered the opportunity to head my own team of writers as head of social media content.

Iconic Media is a small media agency based out of Durban. The majority of work created in the studio was social media content.

The main day-to-day challenge was to oversee the majority of the studio's projects remotely from Cape Town.   
As a small enterprise, I was required to create videos and images. 

While Iconic Media was exciting to work for I wanted to pursue my own projects, thus leaving the agency. 

The brands we worked on at the agency where; FUTURELIFE®, members of the Argent Group, Leigh Insurance Group, and BUCO.  

“Andrew is a great conceptual thinker and writer - always out of the box. Lighthearted and fun, I’d work with him again any day.”
Stacey Swart, Art Director, 34 degrees