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Why weed is bound to be the next avocado! 

The humble avocado, the fruit that has been whole-heartedly adopted by the Millennial market. Nothing is more Gen Y than waking up to spread some avo on a slice of toast. 

For those of you who haven’t picked up a magazine or read a click-bait article in the last 5 years (Where have you been? Like, seriously?), Millennials are a group of individuals born between 1980 – 1996. Now that we have cleared that up, why does this demographic love this fruit? Well, it’s photogenic, tasty, and healthy. 

But, what about the bold statement that marijuana will be the next Avocado? Well, that’s what I’m going to break down for you in the only format Millennials understand, a mothertrucking listicle. Hold on to your H&M fedora, this is going to be rough.    



Let’s put this into Instagram terms. #Avocado has been used nearly 10 million times with another 1 million tags being posted for #avocadotoast. Yeah, people love taking photos of avocados and sharing them to their social media feed! You could argue that if you don’t take a photo of an avo – DID YOU EVEN EAT IT! 

Anyway, I digress! 

My argument is that people already love snapping pictures of their consumables. And on Instagram, there are 19 million #weed tags and 8 million #weedporn (it’s not that naughty, just weed) tags. While the feed isn’t as premium as the avo crowd, it’s changing as it becomes legal. 

Soon, you’ll be throwing out that #420 tag and your mom will be liking your post, like she does when you post about your healthy avo breakfast. 


Everyone raves about how awesome avo tastes. Literally it’s the first line in every bloody recipe blog that uses the stuff. JUST EAT IT! WE KNOW WHAT IT TASTES LIKE – AVO! 

Right, went a little off track again. 

With the cannabis market, the hybrids we’re seeing nowadays are highly specialised crops that have different amounts of THC or CBD in them, and most importantly they also have tasting notes. Yes, there are now weed sommeliers, who can tell you the taste and type of the high you’re about to experience. 

So, once again, weed wins because avo can only be avo, really. No one is asking for an avocado sommelier… 

Also, before we forget, we do have a recipe for you on our blog on how to cook with cannabis.



I don’t really feel like going into this, but gosh, I’m getting paid to do it so… Here are some avocado health facts I found on the net: 

  • Avos contain more potassium than bananas (Nice one avo, you how to beat another fruit at its own game);  

  • Avos are loaded with heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids (This means it’s safe to cook with, compared to olive oil which when warmed up produces a cancer causing byproduct. GOD, avo, can you just ease up on the other food groups); 

  • Avos are loaded with fibre (Once again avo is the asshole fruit who just knocked the old winner, All-Bran, off its “fibre podium”…).

We could list more, but it’s getting boring and researching avo facts is annoying. Avo is like the class suck-up, its always just shoving itself into the spotlight. 

Once again, sorry to have carried on like this. 

With cannabis, there are new medicinal uses for it being discovered on a daily basis. Also, there are a number of methods to ingest weed nowadays, as we discussed in this blog, so you don’t need to smoke it any more. 

So, there you have it, weed is the new avocado for millennials. 

When it comes to projects, the bicentennial African Aerospace and Defence (AAD) show, held at the Waterkloof Airforce Base in Tshwane, is all about the large numbers. The event boasts: 
- 21 500m2 of interior exhibition space; 
- 40 000m2 of outdoor exhibition space;
- 450 companies from 30 countries exhibiting their high tech wares;
- And 130 000* visitors over 5 days (*estimated by AAD);


To stand out in a crowd of giants you need to operate with a titan of a client.   


The Client:
The Paramount Group;
Africa’s largest privately-owned defence and aerospace company, employing more than 3 000 people across 16 facilities in South Africa and abroad.   

The Brief:
Design a 1000m2 exhibition stand (400m2 interior and 600m2 exterior) that demonstrates why the Paramount Group has grown to become a global leader in defence and aerospace, who is taking African technology to the world. The stand will need to be completed in 10 days and play host to VIPs as well as the public.

Exhibition Design 
Inside AB Design knew that it was important to pull together a cohesive a theme that could be carried across all the company divisions, but one that still allowed the Paramount Group to stand out. Having worked with the Group on their exhibition stands since 2012, AB Design was in the perfect position to deliver.

“In 2016 superheroes were huge,” says AB Design’s Creative Director Aidan Bennetts,

“The challenge we were confronted with when building this exhibition stand was to create an environment that gave the visitor a sense they were getting a sneak peek into the future.”

Starting with the interior conferencing area, the designers brought the comic book theme into the space by creating small, modern circular areas in the interior pad section of the hanger. These separate cordoned-off areas were designed to be used by delegates for trade meetings and were divided by different arms of the Paramount Group. The meeting areas were framed by black propellers (inspired by the MWARI) to create privacy. A flowing decal on the floor helped to connect the spaces together.

With any superhero franchise, the lighting of the scenes is important. The designers used a blue light to give the room a futuristic mood and providing talkability, like stepping into Tony Stark's workshop.

To generate a truly unforgettable experience, and a literal sneak-peak into the future, AB Designs installed what was at the time Africa’s largest LED screen, capable of projecting 4K quality picture. The curved screen was framed by gold and was a design piece straight out of the comic book realm. The screen’s flowing lines conveyed elegance even though it was a beast to behold.

Unsubtle details were the key to bringing the futuristic superhero theme across. Glossy surfaces, shiny metallics, the dramatic use of blues and greys. The bespoke countertop areas embodied these characteristics perfectly with their swooping curves, theatrical detailing, and bright contrasting colours. The end result was a piece of furniture that could arguably have come from the set of a superhero movie set. 

Exhibition Design; Outside

The star of the show for the Paramount Group was the unveiling of the Mbombe vehicle range, which included the Mbombe 4, 6, and 8.

Bringing the superhero design theme into the outside areas while maintaining brand recognition was going to be a challenge, but AB Design was committed to providing the movie magic look that the Paramount Group wanted. Cue Parabot <insert link to article>, an almost 10-metre tall robot that made its first appearance at the AAD 2014 show. By positioning him next to the Mbombe 6, the transformer character really helped to create drama and talkability.

Also on display outside was the Paramount Group’s Anti Poaching Gazelle and the full-sized MWARI. Earlier in the year Boeing and Paramount agreed to collaborate and create a truly multi-role aircraft, a major win for the company. Utilising the brand identity’s colour pallet again, there was no need to introduce a superhero element to the stand, as the vehicle spoke volumes for itself.     

With AAD 2018 just around the corner, the AB Design team is already designing and preparing for the next show - which will be bigger and better. 


The Paramount Group Powered Up For The 2016 African Aerospace and Defence Show In A Big Way!

Top Three Truss Family Designs You Need To Know About

For those not in the industry, it might come as a surprise that there are loads of different roof truss designs. Most would assume that there’s one generic truss shape that’s a “one size fits all solution” – but there isn’t.

For your information, there are numerous families of truss designs that have individual layouts within them. So, whether you’re looking for something a little bit fancy, practical, or just bog-standard, there is a very specific design of truss just for you.

Since we design bespoke trusses for each project, and work closely with architects through the entire process, from design and manufacturing to the final truss erecting phase, we have our favourite designs.

Here are our top three truss-family designs you should consider for your home.

Duo-pitch / Mono / Attic Trusses

It’s a bit of a mouthful, but the above is one family of trusses. This is your entry-level truss family, and one where you’ll find the Fink Truss, which is most commonly used in residential construction. To be more precise a Fink, or even a Double Fink Truss, is part of the sub-genre of the Duopitch Truss, meaning there are two top rafter lengths divided by an apex join. Alternatively, you could have two pitches in two different directions.

A monopitch truss has a single slope. Think of cutting a Duopitch in half, and this is what you get – with a 90-degree angle. There are loads of varietals in this sub-genre of truss, with some being used strictly for internal support, and others having a wide span of up to 30 metres.

How you use it is heavily dependent on your main objective for this truss.

Then finally, we have the Attic Truss. As the expression goes, “it does exactly what it says on the tin”. This type of truss is designed so there is more space in the roof. If you’re planning on perhaps going up an additional floor in the future, it might be wise to go with this option. Be warned, as this truss will cause a higher pitch to the roof.

Asymmetric Trusses

A basic definition of this family of trusses is that it has two different lengths of pitches and top chords. This gives it a slanted roof profile. Perfect for roofs that need to be low to avoid blocking a view, think, a holiday home at the beachfront where the neighbours won’t want their view impeded.

Non-Standard Trusses

As the family name suggests, these aren’t your usual builds. In this family, you can expect to find firstly, a Sloping Flat Truss, which is normally used in vaulted ceilings.

Secondly, you’ll find the Polynesian Truss, which looks like a medieval helmet, this is technically made up of four top chords and four joints. These are great for creating an interesting profile against the skyline.

And finally, there is also a Stub Truss, which is a truss designed to keep the original profile, but shortens the span, with 90-degree end/s. This makes it a perfect fit for construction projects with limited space between boundary walls.

There are loads more trusses to read up about, and you can view them on our website. If you need additional information feel free to drop us a mail


When looking at a Classic Overland Upland Series set against the striking backdrop of the African landscape, it’s hard not to notice just how picture-perfect it is.

This vehicle forms part of the iconic picture in most people’s minds when they think about safari trips. We could even go as far as to say that it’s the mascot for adventure – combining the heritage of the Land Rover Defender and the luxury lifestyle of an old school safari.

But what if we dropped the same vehicle in a family ranch or plantation? Some might say that it seems a little out of place, but we’d have to disagree. Here’s why:


Pull up to the football game in the parking lot; unfold the chairs, light the BBQ and crack open a cold one. Nothing could be better, right?

Well imagine this:

While we love lighting the grill in the parking lot and all the pre-game excitement, our favorite way to tailgate requires a few key components: views, space and freedom. Three things you’re guaranteed to have in abundance when taking a Classic Overland Upland Series out into the wilderness for an epic experience.

With miles of empty space around you, you can play music as loud as you want. You can understand the magic of the favorite South African past-time – having sundowners – enjoying a drink in the outdoors while you’re inside, next to, or on top of your truck, taking in the sunset over breathtaking views.


There’s no better way to tour than in an open-air vehicle.

This ones for the passionate wildlife and landscape photographers. The new Upland Series provides easy access for all passengers -with uninterrupted 360° views, and the freedom to go anywhere you choose – whether it’s a ranch tour, a drive to the dam, or a mountain meander.

The new Land Rover Upland Series is fitted with enough USB charging stations so you can charge your phones and cameras. This gives everyone enough time to capture those National Geographic-worthy moments.


The Upland is a hunter’s dream. It has a custom option for dog kennels, so you can take man’s best friend for a day upland hunting.

That means no more exceptionally long hikes with the hounds. Instead, experience a relaxing drive to your destination where you can set out on your adventure, fresh and ready for the hunt.

When the hunt is done, there’s enough space in the rig for the BBQ and a few cold ones.

With a combination of tailgating, booze cruising, BBQing, and hunting, we’d say this car truly captures living the American dream.

South Africa’s Newest Cannabis Store is Now Open

It’s official, South Africa’s newest cannabis retailer has opened its doors in trendy Woodstock, Cape Town. The shop is situated in Mason’s Press, a revamped warehouse complex on 7 Ravenscraig Road. Inside, you’ll be greeted by small shops that house up-and-coming boutique brands, and offer everything from artisanal coffee to indoor plants.

The Zootly shop is now home to everything for the marijuana aficionado. Currently, there is the exclusive and premium Zootly Smoke range, which consists of: Zoot TubesZoot Cases, Zoot Grinds – 4 pieceZoot Grinds – 2 piece, and Zoot Stores.

There is also are a wide range of vapes, including portable and table top vaporisers.

Then, for those in the market for CBD products, there are infused chocolatesbath scrubs, the CANNAS sentinels range, Oil Science and lollipops, to name a few. But where Zootly really differentiates itself is the growing section.

Shoppers can choose from a huge selection of soils from the best providers, peat moss discs, rock wool, nutrients, root hormones, drying racks, indoor grow tents, fabric pots, and so much more. It’s a dream come true for any horticulturist who’s tired of failing to find specialist products at the usual garden centres, and even the novice gardener can find something special.

If you’re in the Woodstock area between 10:00 – 18:00, the store is open Monday – Friday. And if you’re looking to escape the Biscuit Mill madness on a Saturday, you can pop in 10:00 – 13:00. So, why not drop   chat with our crew? You can pick their brains about anything cannabis-related, and check what imports are planned next for the South African market.

We swear it’s a guaranteed hoot!

Zootly Says: “So that we’re clear, we’re open Monday to Fridays from 10:00 – 18:00, and on Saturdays from 10:00 – 13:00. The address is 7 Ravenscraig Road, the Mason’s Press, and our shop number is Unit 1. Now that’s out the way, pop in for a visit!”